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Android Stagefright contains multiple vulnerabilities

Android phone peeps, there is a new and very serious flaw that has come to light in all versions of Android after 2.2. Essentially anyone with your phone number can send a specifically formed MMS message to your phone and effectively take control of it and it’s contents. This could include access to passwords and account details for mobile banking and other services if you use them on your phone.
Google has patched the source version of Android, but it is up to the phone makers and network providers to push out an over the air update in order to get it to the end users. They don’t have a good track record of this.
In the mean time the only work around is to *turn off* MMS messages on your phone.

The more technically minded may be able to grab custom firmware updates with the fixes applied such as those running Cyanogen but this requires a manual update of the firmware on your phone, which may or may not be possible.

All the gory details for those that want to read it here:

Vulnerability Note VU#924951 Android Stagefright contains multiple vulnerabilities

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