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Apple WWDC 2014

Quick comments on the latest offering from Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with Tim Cook’s keynote speech:

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Surprised there was no hardware announcement, iPhone 6 would have been a stretch after only 8 months, but no new hardware at all?! iOS8 seems to be on a health kick so thought wearable tech (iWatch) would be launched.

OSX 10.10 Yosemite (doesn’t that make it 10,10,10) seems to be more of a service pack than a new release which is why its being given away free, new look and feel and a few useful additions (iMessage sync for “normal” SMS is a biggie for me as I am used to sending text messages from my laptop), not sure iCloud will take me away from Dropbox as its so ingrained in my day to day process, but it will be nice to get an upgrade from the stock 5GB to 20GB for $6 a year as my iPhone and iPad cloud backups fill 5GB quite quickly.

Looking forward to getting my hands on beta releases of both

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