Simon McCartney

What is Apple’s biggest Asset?

The person I want to talk about at Apple is called Phil Schiller, anyone who watched last weeks Apple Event will know the name and face as the man who talked for nearly three hours on the new iPhone 6s, the iPad Pro and refreshed Apple TV, he is Apple’s Chief Marketing Officer, and in my view one of the most important people at Apple, why, because he sells the idea’s that relate directly to the Fanboi at heart I am.

Apple Pay hits the UK, so how good is it?

Now I suppose this is where a real journalist would declare his interests in Apple, so here it goes, I am a Fanboi to the core, laptop, phone, tablet (resisted the urge for an Apple Watch) I am in love with the whole ecosystem, and how everything just “works” together, so when Apple Pay was finally released in the UK, of course I was going to try it.

Apple WWDC 2014

Quick comments on the latest offering from Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with Tim Cook’s keynote speech: Surprised there was no…

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