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Could your name be added to the illustrious list of Mourinho, Wenger and Ranieri as Premier League Champions, will you challenge Pep Guardiola as the master tactician and the claim the glory as the ultimate football manager.

As Bill Shankley once said ‘Football is more important than life or death’

Plus the winner of the league come the end of the season will also win £100 cash!

How to join – it’s simple:

1.Register your account here

2. Once registered, visit Fantasy Premier League to enter a team

3. Pick your players and read all of the rules here

4. Once you have submitted your team, join the Camnomis Private League. The code to join this league is: 484944-115620

If you have already created a team, simply follow this link to add yourself to our league Autojoin.

Email your manager name and team name to, this will confirm your participation and eligiblility for the cash prize

Please note competition is not affiliated with the Premier League, EA Sports or other site/company, and is only available to UK based players.

In the event of a tie for 1st place the £100 cash prize will be awarded to the manager who signed up and emailed to confirm their participation first, in the event the highest scoring manager does not email to confirm participation the prize will awarded to the next highest scoring manger who has complied.

Remember this is a friendly game, its not whether you win or lose, its who you beat that counts!


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