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How secure are online services

The recent scandal surrounding how iCloud has been hacked and the leaking of images purporting to be of some one Hollywoods most famous women has people asking the question ‘the Cloud is very secure but secure from who and what?’

Your view of what is ‘Secure’ and what ‘Secure’ means will depend upon the sensitivity of the data you’re accessing or storing. An average individual has a different need for security from an organisation with commercially sensitive trade secrets. A celebrity who has taken images of themselves SHOULD also have a different view of security than the previous two.

We often talk a lot to businesses about moving them from ‘Risk Naïve’ to ‘Risk Aware’, be aware of the risks. As soon as you press ‘Send’ or ‘Save’ you have guarantee that it will remain safe or secure because you no longer have complete control, someone else, be it an authorised administrator of the system or a potential hacker could access your information. There are no silver bullets.

We all need to realise the fact that whilst we can be outraged about our privacy being so easily violated, we need to take personal responsibility for our own security.

I personally would not take any ‘risqué shots’ and store them online or off. I am ‘Risk Aware’. I take precautions and understand the risks for using online services, understand how to stay safe and secure online … although if I did, I’m pretty sure no one would want to steal any images of me!

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