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Pokémon Go is the Augmented Reality game which has already hit #1 in the iTunes chart in the US, has more daily active users than Tinder and catching up with Twitter, for any child of the ’90s who grew up with the likes of Pikachu, Charmander and Mewtwo the news of Nintendo’s first foreay into mobile gaming has been wildly anticipated, and the expectations have been more than met.

However there is a catch, the demand for a game, that is not even released worldwide means Nintendo and game developers Niantic are coming under critism for the performance of the infrastructure behind the hit app. With reports of servers being unavailable, new account signups restricted and users frustrated and turning to social media to vent their frustration.


In any software development lifecycle the various functional and non functional testing phases are critical, catching bugs in software before release, testing the usability and layout of an application, ensuring game play if glitch free (although some game glitches not only become iconic, but also a force for good like World Of Warcraft’s “Corrupted Blood Plague”). Just as important is non functional testing, things that are not core functionality, Performance, Endurance, Load, Security and Volume to name a few are just as vital, as what is the point of having a world class product, if the end users are unable to play.

So lets hope between them Nintendo and Niantic can find a solution to the teething problems, and the only bugs in the games, are the ones you are meant to catch.


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