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TalkTalk Website hit by ‘significant’ cyber-attack breach

AS reports are coming in in respect to the cyber-attack on TalkTalk’s website information is scare at the moment, what we do know is that, in their own words a “significant and sustained cyber-attack” took place against their websites sometime on Wednesday. Most of the sites are back online however the “My Account” section is still unavailable at time of posting, and TalkTalk are working with the police to investigate the cause, and consequences of the breach.

What does this mean?

If you are a TalkTalk user I would consider speaking to your bank and monitoring any unusual activity, if you have a policy of common passwords across multiple sites it would be wise to change them, or consider using a password management application which helps you having different, strong complex passwords for each website or application (I recommend 1Password, but as there are lots of options out there).

For more information on password security please see our earlier blog post earlier blog post

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