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Formalise documentation for existing policies and procedures covering business as usual activities and suggest possible improvements using best practice methodology.

Within the Co-Operative Group change happens at a break neck pace to stay competitive, but also remain loyal to its ethical beliefs, this can do attitude created a vacuum in everyday processes and a lack of formal documentation for policies.By taking a root and branch approach to the control of document process and polices, a line was drawn in the sand and the current practices documented to a standard format, with an agreed review, approval and dissemination. Once key business as usual activities were formalised, base lined and measured against Service Level Agreements they were reviewed as part of Continual Service Improvement using industry standard frameworks for best practice including ITIL to progress the service offered to end users.

From a department that lacked the ability to shout out its good work due to a lack of formal performance measurement the improvements made by working with Camnomis allowed the team to show the good work they have already been achieving. By showing what improvements are and have been made to the service delivered and removed the ambiguity of responsibility by having firmed up processes and policies that were agreed on in advance by all stake holders this better managed end users expectations and allowed the team to focus on providing a higher quality service.

The Co-operative Group stands apart from other major retailers in the UK as a business which is owned, not by a small group of shareholders, but by more than five million consumers. With core interests in food, financial services, travel, pharmacy, funerals and farms, it has an annual turnover of £14 billion and operates over 5,000 retail trading outlets, serving more than 20 million customers per week.

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