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Top VW plays the blame game

Volkswagen America CEO Michael Horn has played the “rogue employee” card to explain how and why his cars’ engine software cheated in pollution tests.


With the ever increasing complexity in software development team these days, from the Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Test Engineers and whole raft of other process managers (Release, Configuration and Quality Assurance to name a few), not to mention the various Project Managers, the over arching Programme Manager and maybe even a Portfolio Executive I find it very surprising that individual developers can have this much influence alone on a delivery.

Some of the best teams I have worked in have had a no blame culture, where investigating the cause of a problem is paramount rather than finger pointing, which in itself breeds an air of suspicion and can stifle ingenuity as people are scared of repercussions from mistakes.

The old adage states “There is no I in team”, but at Volkswagen it seems there is in beschuldigen

Top VW exec blames car pollution cheatware scandal on ‘a couple of software engineers’

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