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Take a small scale pilot study of Mobile Data and roll out on a large scale to increase front line officer Efficiency.

West Yorkshire Police wanted to increase the visible police presence on the street by enabling crime reporting and work on prosecution files to take place out of the station and on the move. BlackBerry® smartphones were deployed, complete with secure password and encryption approved by Communications-Electronics Security Group within Government Communications Headquarters to provide remote access to the Police National Computer and other Restricted information.

Review, consolidate and migrate the forces chosen email platform, IBM Lotus Notes. Ensuring data migration and end user training plans were considered.

Communication is the key for any organisation, and when you add the life and death situations encountered by the Police every day fast effective communication is essential. Not only used for email’s the forces chosen platform also hosted confidential operational plans, complex asset databases as well as the internal intranet. When the decision was made to upgrade both the client and server side applications a project was initiated to ensure all aspects of the upgrade were thought out, risks identified and mitigated.

West Yorkshire Police is the forth largest police force in England and Wales with just under 10,000 staff, both Police Officers and Support Staff serving a population of 2.1m covering 2,000 km² of densely populated urban terrain and rural countryside.

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