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What is Apple’s biggest Asset?

Tim Cook as the CEO, Jony Ive is the chief who oversee’s the gorgeous design of pretty much everything Apple, Jeff Williams is the guy who makes sure the operation runs smoothly and ensures that Apple has the supply chain to meet the demand and Angela Ahrendts is the retail queen who has turned Apple from an online only retailer and brought them in to the world of bricks and mortar buildings.

The person I want to talk about at Apple is called Phil Schiller, anyone who watched last weeks Apple Event will know the name and face as the man who talked for nearly three hours on the new iPhone 6s, the iPad Pro and refreshed Apple TV, he is Apple’s Chief Marketing Officer, and in my view one of the most important people at Apple, why, because he sells the idea’s that relate directly to the Fanboi at heart I am.

Phil Schiller talks about the Apple Pencil
Phil Schiller talks about the Apple Pencil

In the immediate aftermath of the Apple event, commentators were fast to shoot down how yet again Apple claim to be “inventing” when in fact they are following suit of their peers, the latest swipe at the Apple Pencil, when rightly as some have pointed out Steve Jobs famously criticised the stylus of its rivals as a failure, and here Apple are copying their peers again.

To be fair, they probably do copy some of their peers ideas, but I will let you into a secret, it’s the way they market an item which stands them head and shoulders above the competition at times, MP3 players, smart phone, tablets and NFC were all around before the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple Pay, but Apple invigorated a market like no one else could do before, and as a consequence it has forced the competition to up their own game, sometimes reinventing an existing product, sometimes launching something new, but not matter what or who brings the next best thing to the market, its surely the consumer who is the winner.